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    Keep Medical Education on Track During COVID-19

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    Travel restrictions, quarantines, rotation interruptions due to redeployments, and cancelations of in-person educational sessions and board-review conferences are without a doubt impacting resident education. But programs equipped with distance learning tools can keep resident education on track.

    Empowering Residents and Program Leaders

    Right now, TrueLearn is supporting hundreds of residency programs during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing high-quality, board-style practice questions that are integrated into “on-the-go” or asynchronous learning environments. Our platform leverages cognitive science to improve learning and long-term memory and each of our questions include detailed explanations to reinforce key learning points, bottom lines to improve contextual learning, and external references for further study.

    Implementing TrueLearn now will allow programs to easily deliver important curricular content and residents will stay on track during these challenging and uncertain times.

    With TrueLearn...

    • Program directors and coordinators can create content-specific quizzes quickly and assign them to residents to take independently or administer them in a virtual group session for collaborative learning.
    • Residents can self-direct their learning by creating quizzes on their own and reviewing questions in tutor mode for impactful study.
    • Program leaders are able to track resident usage and overall group performance to monitor curriculum alignment and provide insight into content area strengths and weaknesses compared to the nation.
    Decades of cognitive research has proven that retrieval practice is one of the most potent forms of learning and it greatly improves memory for the long-term compared to other forms of study.

    Help Residents Remember More So You Can Teach More And Remediate Less

    Integrating TrueLearn alongside the curriculum, especially during a time when distance learning is critical for reducing chances of viral transmission among medical staff, is not just about improving exam scores and first-time pass rates. It’s about helping residents remember more so that over the course of their medical education program leaders can cover additional content rather than spend time re-teaching material that wasn’t retained for the long-term.

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