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Educators use Picmonic as a resource:

  • to help students increase test scores and excel in school.

  • as a supplemental source of student reference material.

  • to add examples of and engaging content to lecture slides.


When your students can more confidently process, retain and recall important information, classroom performance – and test scores - will improve. When students excel, learning becomes more fun, attrition decreases and everyone wins.

Picmonic provides an efficient way to learn-

  • The scaffolded approach provides a fun introduction to the material so students are prepared for class.
  • More effective learning means students achieve a deeper understanding of concepts for the long term.
  • By not having to spend as much time repetitively reviewing key facts, students have more time for application and practice.
  • Stress is reduced, creating more favorable conditions for continued learning and retention of huge volumes of material.
  • Improved performance on exams and school success results in more confident healthcare professionals.

Picmonic can be integrated into your everyday practices- 

  • Integrate into your curriculum
  • Integrate into your learning management system for a seamless student experience.
  • Incorporate Picmonic imagery into your lecture slides
  • Explore student performance and comprehension through the faculty dashboard.
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